Shroud Shows off Psychic Abilities while Playing SCUM

Shroud may be known for his mouse and keyboard skills in any game, but he also proved he has psychic abilities.

While playing SCUM, the former CS:GO pro predicted the drops he was going to get as he explored a house.

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SCUM is a battle royale game similar to PUBG and Fortnite, requiring players to explore areas to find equipment.

When you are a psychic like Shroud however, searching for equipment becomes a lot easier.

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First, Shroud predicted he would find a pistol and that is exactly what he found.

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He then stated that he needed a magazine for his pistol and sure enough, the mag he needed was in the next locker he opened.

The feat was even more impressive considering the amount of lockers and crates he searched without saying anything, making him two for two on guesses.

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Shroud retired from professional CS:GO in April to focus on streaming full-time.

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He is known for his highlight reel plays in Battle Royale games, specifically PUBG. With the hype surrounding Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, Shroud gave his comments on what could be the next big BR game.

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