Seattle Police Department have created a solution to combat swatting

by Matt Porter


The Seattle Police Department have released a new way for streamers in the area to protect themselves against swatting.


In an attempt to provide first responders with as much information as possible as they head to a call, the Seattle PD have introduced a new system called ‘Rave Facility’ to help combat these hoax calls.

Streamers and online personalities who are concerned about being a target for swatting can sign up for the Rave Facility, which will put them on a list that makes the call taker aware there there is a possibility the call is a hoax.


The Seattle Police Department have confirmed that officers will respond to these calls no matter what, and the new system won’t cause any delay in the quickness of officer response times.

The department believes that it is important for officers to be provided as much information as possible before they head to a call, so this new Rave Facility program will work alongside the Seattle PD’s SMART 911 system, which provides officers with real time information before they arrive at a call.


Swatting is a term used to describe a fake or hoax call made to a police department, in an attempt to force armed officers to storm someone's home. Online personalities and streamers are usually the victims of this prank, such as the Clout Gang who were recently targeted.

While this system is currently only available in Seattle, it will be interesting to see if it spreads around the country in an effort to stop future swatting incidents.