OpTic Gaming is Giving Designers a Chance to Be Featured in Upcoming Merchandise

by Albert Petrosyan


With modern society having a culture so deep rooted in fashion, it is difficult for most people to get their designs through to a large audience.

Even in esports, only very few organizations have fan-bases vast enough to have a sustainable presence in the merchandise business.


One such organization is North American esports giant OpTic Gaming, who are giving designers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get their work exposed in a major way.

The organization has announced that it will be accepting design ideas that could feature in upcoming merchandise, with the designer(s) getting a split of the sales.


The announcement came on May 23rd via a post on the org's official Twitter page.

Have a design idea for merch?
Stretch your creative muscles and share your OpTic Gear ideas with us for a chance to see it featured in an upcoming merch drop and get a split of the sales!

There's no limit to the amount of designs we'll choose from!
Submit at: [email protected]


This presents an incredible opportunity for everyday, aspiring designers to get their work into the spotlight of esports' public square, along with a potentially fat paycheck.

But despite the financial incentive, one cannot truly put a price on the potential of doing business with an organization like OpTic Gaming, and the opportunities that may stem from it in the future.


All those who wish to submit design ideas to OpTic Gaming can do so by sending it via email to [email protected]