FGC outraged after woman is allegedly sexually assaulted at Evo after party

EVO / Pixabay

The fighting game community is in a state of outrage after an esports reporter attending an official Evo 2019 after party on August 4 was allegedly sexually assaulted during the event.

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Former GameSpot editor Zorine ‘harli’ Te attended the Official Red Bull After Party held at the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas on August 4.

A series of tweets posted on August 5 claimed that she was sexually assaulted during the event, which then turned into a full-blown fight once her friend stepped in.

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The alleged sexual assault claims

“Nobody should ever feel unsafe for being a part of the FGC.” Zorine tweeted as she described the alleged attack. 

“Last night during the Evo Red Bull after party, a man stuck his hand up my skirt and assaulted me. I turned to confront him, the guy got physically aggressive, and my friend jumped in to push him away. A fight ensued.”

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The esports reporter claimed that the event staff escorted the alleged assaulter outside after the brawl, and that they handled the situation well.

“Esports Arena / Luxor staff escorted him out and handled the situation well. I am trying to follow up with a name. Sucks that such a great Evo had to end this way.” she tweeted.

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Zorine’s friend Mike ‘Joskii’ allegedly stepped in after the attack, and she claimed that the situation could have ended up much worse if he hadn’t been around to help her.

“Big thank you to @imJoskii who had my back. It could’ve been much, much worse if he hadn’t been there,” she finished.

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It was apparently not the only incident

The alleged sexual assault was apparently not the only inappropriate incident to occur during the after party – a man claimed to have been drugged after taking a drink intended for a female.

“I only had three drinks last night but I took a drink that was intended for a woman friend of mine and that’s the last thing I remember all night. Definitely got roofied. This shit is not ok. What the fuck is wrong with people?” CEO Gaming Chief of Staff Tong Lee tweeted.

Luckily, his female friend was okay after allegedly only consuming one sip of the dangerous liquid. 

“I just checked with my friend who had a sip of it and she felt something was off and made it back safely to her room. Personally, I’m angry, disgusted, and a bit shook up.” Tong followed up.

The FGC is outraged

Members of the community were furious with the event hosts after the claims and took to social media to air their outrage.

FGC commentator James Chen tweeted: “I hate that this even needs to be said: RESPECT WOMENS’ SPACES. But more importantly, we as men have to do a better job of being allies to the women you know. Discuss this with your other guy friends if they ever make jokes that hint at this behavior.”

Chen then advised his followers to always stay vigilant and keep an eye on women when at events, especially when surrounded by suspicious individuals.

“Keep an eye out for suspicious behavior of guys around women. I hate that this has to keep happening at events, after party or not. We all need to do better in making sure women feel safe at our FGC events. I wish I could do more.”

Popular fighting game player Dawn ‘Yohosie’ Hosie also warned her followers, and tweeted: “Friends of mine were sexually assaulted at EVO, others were roofied. Be safe out there and take no shit.”

Proclaimed FGC veteran Anthony Nguyen also expressed his outrage at the alleged assault and drugging incidents, issuing a stern warning to those who attempted the behaviours.

“I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to certain things. Sexual assault and drugging others is within that policy. For those who attempted this at our FGC women: Fuck you. You are not welcome in our community, do not invade this home. Get out or we will get you out.” he tweeted.

UPDATE 5:27PM PST August 5:

HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas responded to Dexerto’s request for comment via email and stated:

“We are aware of an incident that occurred last night at the Arena. Safety of our guests is always our top priority and we are cooperating with local authorities on the matter. We will not have any further comment at this time.”

Zorine also replied to our request for comment via Twitter DMs, and said:

“I have nothing else to say about the incident other than to add I have filed a police report. Thank you for reaching out. And I appreciate you raising awareness. I am definitely about that.”

Dexerto has also reached out to Red Bull, and MGM for comment, but has yet to hear back as of press time.