Everyone’s freaking out about Twitter mobile spam notifications - Founder Jack responds

by Calum Patterson


If your phone is currently blowing up with random digits being spammed at you from Twitter, you're not the only one, as the issue seems to be occurring to countless users worldwide.


On October 16, users began receiving mobile notifications which would include a random string of digits and letters, with no explanation.

Clicking through on notification simply takes you to the Twitter app, with no actual tweet or message popping up.


It is unclear if the issue is isolated to certain devices either, but most reports seem to be from iOS users, but Android devices may have the same problem, some being spammed with hundreds of notifications in a matter of minutes.

In fact, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey himself confirmed he too was getting the notifications, posting a tweet to reassure users that they were aware of the problem.


Jack quickly sent out another Tweet shortly after, explaining that after a quick look into the issue, it should hopefully be resolved. 

As for why it happened, they are still not sure.

The issue was so prominent that many popular accounts began to troll their followers by actually posting the spam like notifications as actual tweets.