Activision Blizzard accused of ‘shredding documents’ related to California lawsuit

According to new reports, California is expanding its lawsuit against Activision Blizzard and accusing the company of interfering with its investigation by shredding related documents.

One of the biggest gaming stories of 2021 has to be the state of California’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for a “pervasive frat boy culture.”

According to a report from Axios on August 24, California allegedly expanded its lawsuit to include temporary, as well as full-time female employees. It also claims the state is alleging Activision destroyed documents related to the investigation.

Activision Blizzard lawsuit sexual harassment californiaActivision Blizzard
California’s Department of Fair Employment & Housing have amended their lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

These new details allegedly appeared in a change to the complaint by California’s Department of Fair Employment & Housing, that was filed in court on Monday, August 23.

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According to the filing, the word “employees” has been switched with “workers” throughout the documents in the lawsuit, and added that California employment protections includes “employees and contingent or temporary workers.”

It also alleges that Activision Blizzard has been hampering the DFEH’s efforts at an investigation with NDAs, and making employees speak with the company before talking to the DFEH.

In addition, the state is claiming “documents related to investigations and complaints were shredded by human resource personnel.”

Activision Blizzard has been rocked by the 2021 California lawsuit.

Apart from affecting the company’s public image, these ongoing legal issues are also driving advertisers away from the publisher’s esports leagues.

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First we saw several Overwatch League sponsors leave, followed closely by some from the Call of Duty League not long after.

Based on this report, it’s clear California is building their case against the embattled video game publisher, but the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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