Xbox rumored to be remastering another iconic franchise from 360 era

Marcus Fenix and Fable characterMicrosoft

Despite a shaky launch, Halo’s The Master Chief Collection has become one of the best all-around package deals available to gamers today. Now, it looks as though another iconic Microsoft series is getting the same treatment.

For many long-time gamers, the Master Chief Collection was a dream come true. Every single Halo title is packaged neatly together, alongside their respective multiplayer all in one place.

Given the wealth of content across all of the games included, it’s the kind of deal many fans thought would never happen. It’s something we hadn’t seen before or since.

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Well, that could be about to change, as a leaker has hinted that another one of Microsoft’s big-name titles could be getting a Master Chief Collection-style remaster. This time, it looks like Gears of War is getting the full treatment.

Gears of War multiplayer characters shootingMicrosoft
Gears of Wars’ multiplayer helped make it one of the most franchises of all time.

Speaking on the XboxEra podcast, Shpeshal Nick claimed that a source close to Microsoft told him about the existence of another package similar to the MCC.

“There is another franchise – I’m not allowed to say the franchise – that will be getting the Master Chief Collection treatment,” Nick said. “That’s probably the best way to describe it.”

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While he couldn’t go into specifics, his fellow hosts pointed out that only Gears of War and Fable felt big enough to warrant their own collection. Plus, Gears also has its popular multiplayer modes across the six games, which would make it the most similar to Halo.

The clip was posted on social media by Xbox leaker Idle Sloth. One of the responses was from The Verge editor, Tom Warren, further fueling the rumors that it is actually a ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’ that Microsoft is working on. “The gears are really turning on this rumor,” said Warren’s reply.

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Gears of War 1 through 5 are all currently available to play on Xbox Games Pass, but they need to be downloaded as separate entities. Bundling them all together and introducing seamless multiplayer integration would be the perfect way to free up some space in the library. Also, aside from Gears of War’s Definitive Edition, the second and third games (and Judgement) are all Xbox 360 versions.

Fans on Reddit also pointed out that would be the ideal way to make all of the Gear of War titles available to play on PC. As it stands, Gear of War 2, 3, and Judgement are all missing on PC platforms.

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The other real contender is Fable, which has been mostly dormant since the third game was released in 2010. With a reboot in development, a Fable collection could pique the interest of those who have never experienced the action RPGs for themselves. Bundling Fable, Fable 2, and Fable III together with all of their DLC and additional story content would still be welcome.

While this rumor is far from confirmed, and it could easily turn out to be another franchise, there’s no doubt that the Gears series still makes the most sense for a full collection. There’s currently no time frame, but fans will be hoping they can lancer their through every game in one place very soon.

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