Xbox and Coalition Announce Gears of War 5 – Reveal Trailer

During their time on stage at E3, The Coalition took the stage to announce Gears of War 5 as well as a mobile spin-off and a ‘Gears Tactics’ turn-based strategy based game, as well.

The fan-favorite Gears of War series is back with an awesome new trailer to get fans hyped for the fifth installment of the third person shooter.

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GoW5 is set for a 2019 Xbox, and Windows 10 platform release and the story mode picks from where the series last title left off.

While the reveal trailer did not give much away, it did allow fans a first look at the gameplay and graphics.

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The story mode of the popular shooter will feature play from Kate’s point of view this go around.

Given Gears of War 4’s success and longevity in the esports world, we fully expect this title to pick up the multiplayer right where it left off, as well.

The series official Twitter account tweeted out the cinematic trailer for anyone who may have missed it.

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This trailer along with the brief introduction to the turn-based strategy title, Gears Tactics, and a short video of the project headed to mobile was all studio head Rod Ferguson was willing to elaborate on.

Tactics will pick up its story twelve years before the events in the first GoW.

Players and fans attentions were captivated by the reveal of the mobile Pop figure based Gears game and OpTic Gaming’s professional team Coach Ashes weighed in on the matter.

We’ll have more information on this story as it continues to develop.