Microsoft files new Gears of War trademark as remastered collection rumors fly

gears of warMicrosoft

Microsoft has filed a new Gears of War trademark leading fans of the series to believe a remastered collection is on the way.

Gears of War fans have long been waiting for a remastered collection of the original games.

The Microsoft-owned IP was one of the original franchises that helped skyrocket the popularity of the Xbox 360 in the mid-2000s.

Now, dedicated Gears fans believe a move from Microsoft could signal the return of the original games.

gears-of-war-2-2000x2000-5e5574b29a4d0The original Gears of War was released in 2006.

Gears of War trademark could be remastered collection

Xbox fans spotted a new Microsoft trademark filed on September 20 for “Gears of War.”

The re-upping of the trademark for the Gears franchise signaled to some that Microsoft could be prepping a remastered collection. Rumors had circulated earlier in 2022 that a collection could be coming, and now some are speculating this could mean that becomes a reality.

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One Reddit user said of the filing, “A Gears of War collection wouldn’t surprise me. Getting a version of 2 and 3 that I can play on the PC would be very sick. So mostly a wish, but still.”

Another added, “I would actually love a Halo MCC-esque remake of the first 3 Gears games under the Unreal 5 engine first the Series S/X. I would love to see what the Coalition could do with new models and such. Especially Gears of War 3.”

Despite the high demand for a remastered collection, Microsoft hasn’t announced any concrete plans just yet.

For Gears fans’ sake, let’s hope Microsoft has something in store for the very patient fandom.

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