YouTuber Fundy plays Minecraft with just dance moves and fans minds are blown

Fundy MinecraftYouTube: Fundy, Mojang

Minecraft players normally forge amazing creations with a controller or keyboard, but content creator Fundy hilariously turned his body into a grooving, danceable controller to traverse the land. 

Minecraft’s infinite potential has been explored in so many bizarre and unique ways, from controversial voting systems to speedrun debunking. The sandbox’s life span has definitely exceeded expectations. However, we’re sure that most of us dipping in for some relaxing building are normally playing with our trusted controllers or mouse & keyboard setups.

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For YouTube Fundy, the aid of a controller just wasn’t enough, as he decided to use his entire body in an entertaining experiment.

Minecraft House IdeasMojang
Beautiful housing isn’t the only element receiving a revamp in Minecraft.

Fundy gets funky with his full body controller

With only five days to carry out his experiment, YouTuber Fundy had a mammoth task ahead of him when he was challenged to turn his body into a functional Minecraft controller.

Using a camera to send his movement to a custom server – that would do “big brain stuff” for the creator – the server would then render his movements into recognizable inputs for the game.

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Armed with the T-Pose, neutral pose, arms crossed, and more fantastically, the dab pose, Fundy was determined to get this absurd experiment off the ground.

“Yeah, erm, it’s going to take a little bit of work,” he said, after initial attempts didn’t go to plan.

Using his “neural network” tool to configure his grooving move-set, it all came together with “beautiful, absolutely beautiful” results.

Breaking blocks by “discoing” and T-Posing through the environment, Fundy’s innovation is a sight to behold.

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We’re not sure what the next trend in Minecraft will be, but we’re not sure this dancing will catch on.

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