xQc snitches on Fortnite stream sniper to their dad: “I’m embarrassing him”

xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel recently dealt with a persistent Fortnite stream sniper in the best way possible – by speaking to their father. 

xQc is no stranger to stream snipers – in fact, the popular content creator often has to deal with pesky players during his Twitch streams. Not only do they ruin the flow of his gameplay, but they can also lead to some incredibly frustrating moments. 

Well, this is exactly what happened when one viewer kept stream sniping xQc during his Fortnite stream. While some fans actively try to help him win games, there are times when the streamer just wants to play without any nonsense. 

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However, instead of simply raging at the player, xQc decided to deal with the situation by simply speaking to the stream sniper’s father. 

xQc speaks to stream sniper’s father

xQc playing FortnitexQc
xQc decided to get even by speaking to a stream sniper’s father.

After being constantly followed by the same Fortnite player, it was clear xQc was growing incredibly tired of this particular sniper who was not going to stop with their shenanigans.

After hearing what appeared to be the player’s father in the background, the popular streamer decided to turn things up a notch. “Put him on the mic, man,” said xQc. “Is this your son? I want to talk about your son’s conduct on the internet, it’s kinda weird.”

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The stream sniper’s father said they were just a big fan and wanted to spend some time with their favorite streamer, but xQc pointed out how frustrating their son’s behavior was. 

“He targets me, man. Hey listen, I’m trying to have a good time. He makes it so tough for me to play the game,” explained the content creator. After a brief back and forth, the stream sniper’s father noted that their son only stream sniped as he was such a big fan. 

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“He likes you so much, man. He watches you all the time,” said the player’s father. “I told him earlier today that I bet you wish xQc was your dad, don’t you? That’s what I told him. He spends more time with you, than he does with me. Alright, I think I’m embarrassing him now. Have a good night.” 

This wholesome moment quickly put a smile on xQc’s face and it was clear the streamer enjoyed this positive interaction. While it’s certainly not every day xQc gets to speak directly to a viewer’s father, it is certainly one of the most unique ways to deal with an enthusiastic fan.

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