xQc explains why he’ll never play games professionally again after competing in Overwatch League

xqc streamer vs xqc pro

During a Fortnite session with randoms, former Overwatch pro xQc explained why he won’t play professionally in any video game ever again.

Before xQc was the streaming titan he is today, the Canadian gamer made a name for himself in the professional Overwatch circle. Playing pro Overwatch from 2016 until 2019, xQc was as polarizing then as he is today on Twitch.

Leaving professional gaming behind, xQc took to Twitch to become a variety streamer. Pioneering platform trends such as the “Master Chef Meta” and dominating the charts in views, he has become one of the largest creators on Twitch by far.

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Although his fans enjoy whatever he decides to do when he streams, many wonder if he will ever go pro again. While playing Fortnite on March 22, that question was answered.

xqc as professional overwatch playerxQc playing Overwatch professionally for team Omen.

xQc will never go pro again

While playing Fortnite, one of xQc’s teammates asked, “If you could go pro in any game right now, what game would you go pro in?”

Without hesitation, xQc replied, “None. Why would I go pro in any game?” He then delved into all the negative aspects of playing games professionally.

“To do what? To scrim all day playing the game that I love making it a job again? Sit there and sweat my balls off doing VOD review for three hours, argue with my dumb teammates for another two hours, and then go to bed depressed.”

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He went on to ask the player if they planned to go pro, and advised they stay in school and have a solid plan B before attempting a career in esports.

xQc then turned to his chat and stated, “No, I didn’t need a plan B. ‘Cause I’m a world class entertainer, juicer, insane gameplay leader, crusher at gaming, Twitch superstar worldwide crazy.”

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