XDefiant devs unlock all weapons and attachments due to progression issues

xdefiant progression issuesUbisoft

Amid progression issues in the closed beta, XDefiant developers have unlocked all weapons and attachments for players to test out.

Ubisoft launched XDefiant’s closed beta on Thursday, April 13, on PC and consoles; the session will come to a close on Sunday, April 23.

Thus far, the new FPS experience has attracted quite a bit of attention. The beta dominated the Twitch charts at launch, for example, and managed to pull in more viewers than Call of Duty.

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It hasn’t been without its fair share of hiccups, though. Most notably, XDefiant is currently battling progression-related troubles, which developers have addressed in a manner that benefits beta players.

XDefiant combats progression issues by unlocking all weapons

A glitch preventing users from playing the progression challenges required to unlock weapons has somewhat minimized the fun of XDefiant.

Ubisoft is aware of the ongoing issue and has already started investigating it. In the meantime, developers opted to unlock all weapons and attachments for players to explore at their leisure.

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The team announced as much in the following post on XDefiant‘s official Twitter account:

Shortly after sharing the above news, Ubisoft deployed an Xbox patch to tackle connection errors. At that time, XDefiant’s progression issues had yet to be resolved.

Further updates on the matter haven’t surfaced as of writing, but hopefully, a proper fix goes live before the closed beta ends in a few days.

These troubles aside, the XDefiant beta is pretty robust in terms of available content. It features 14 different maps, five playable factions inspired by popular Ubisoft properties, and several game modes such as Domination and Zone Control.

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