XDefiant players split over potential killstreak game mode

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Ubisoft Executive Producer Mark Rubin proposed a killstreak game mode for XDefiant, but community members couldn’t come to an agreement about it.

XDefiant impressed FPS fans during its open beta, imploring some disgruntled CoD fans to jump ship. Longtime series veteran and YouTuber FaZe Jev called Ubisoft’s latest shooter a “CoD killer,” claiming the game’s worst map is better than any CoD map in years.

Former CoD World Champion and current XDefiant dev ‘Aches‘ rubbed more salt in the wound by revealing a feature Call of Duty League fans and players would love to have in their game. Both games share striking resemblances, but Ubisoft doesn’t necessarily want to create a carbon copy.

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Rubin, known for his work on MW2 (2009), MW4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, expressed concerns about adding a longtime CoD feature to XDefiant.

XDefiant community members split over killstreaks

Killstreaks are a staple of CoD, in which a player acquires a certain number of kills in a row without dying. Rubin shut down the potential of killstreaks in XDefiant, but didn’t rule out a potential limited-time game mode highlighting kills.

“We don’t currently have any plans for killstreaks, but what if we made a mode where 3 kills got you your ability and 7 your Ultra, or something along those lines.”

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Rubin emphasized that he would rather reward objective earning over chasing kills, and he just wanted to gauge interest.

One player responded: “This idea sounds underwhelming and unneeded. Let’s not take away from the fun stuff already in the game.”

However, other community members want something closer to CoD. “This sounds like a fun idea. As a COD player, hero shooters lose my attention, but this sounds like a fun compromise where it’s earned and makes the overall balance more fun.”

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Meeting in the middle, a third played suggested: “A score streak system would be a good idea.”

Scorestreaks reward players for getting kills, but also for playing the objective. This would prevent ignoring objectives entirely and reward users for going after a mix of both.

The XDefiant closed beta closes on April 25, so there isn’t much time left to try out Ubisoft’s latest shooter.

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