Xbox Series X Thanksgiving 2020 release date deconfirmed by Microsoft


UPDATE: March 18 at 12:32 PM: A mishap at Microsoft appeared to confirm the launch date for the Xbox Series X after building much anticipation for what the company hopes to be a benchmark for next-generation consoles.

Director of Programming for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Larry ‘MajorNelson’ Hyrb explained that a mistake had taken with their Xbox sites.

MajorNelson has been a longtime spokesperson for the workings inside of the Xbox division, and said the update to the Microsoft sites were “inaccurately listed.”

Original story as follows.

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On an official Xbox site, the team behind the future console revealed that its millions of players will be able to “power your dreams” with the Series X on Thanksgiving 2020.

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In the US, that date falls on November 26 for 2020, just in time for the season of holiday gift-buying with Black Friday and Christmas-time shopping.

Microsoft published the release date for the Xbox Series X on its international sites.

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While the product page versions for the United States, Great Britain and more have the Xbox Series X with a Holidays 2020 placeholder release, many international versions of the site reportedly show the same banner but with Thanksgiving as a more specific target day.

Prior to the development, there was speculation of how Microsoft would respond to the waves of hype that their rivals at Sony have been building up for their next console.

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The news comes hours after Sony Interactive Entertainment gave a “deep dive” into the specs for the PlayStation 5 that is expected to release Holidays 2020.

There’s a lot of hype around the next generation of Xbox consoles.

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Industry insiders have yet to receive word from Microsoft on a change of date for the Xbox Series X’s launch.

Creator of the Game Awards and longtime industry veteran Geoff Keighley said: “Sources tell me the Xbox Series X release date is unchanged and still ‘Holiday 2020.’ There is no announcement today about a release date.”

Questions have been put to rest for the time being about the Thanksgiving release as the console wars will look to heat up as both companies look to outperform the last generation’s success

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