Xbox Series S: Release date, trailer, price specs, more

by Isaac McIntyre


The Xbox Series S release date and initial launch prices have finally been revealed and confirmed by Microsoft themselves. The Xbox Series X has also been revealed, but only through new insider reports.

The next-generation Xbox consoles will both be released worldwide on Tuesday, November 10, trusted Microsoft insiders Jez Corden and Zac Brown have reported. This was confirmed by Xbox just hours later, at least for the Series S.


The entry-level Xbox Series S console ⁠— which appeared online ahead of schedule thanks to an early promo video release ⁠— will cost $299 USD at launch.

Microsoft will also reportedly release its more powerful Xbox Series X at the same time. The Series X will launch at a slightly more expensive $499 USD price point, according to leaks.


These prices, at least for the Xbox Series S, line up with where the Xbox One and Xbox One X were originally launched. It's likely the Series X will be at the higher price point.

The Xbox Series S is half as big as Microsoft's flagship next-gen Xbox Series X console.
Microsoft, via @bdsams
The Xbox Series S is half as big as Microsoft's flagship next-gen Xbox Series X console.

The leaked Xbox Series X and S release date and launch prices comes just hours after Xbox fans were given their first look at the Series S. The cheaper console is quite a bit smaller than its bigger brother, and will be white.

Windows Central is tipping the Series S to be “roughly as powerful” as the Xbox One X, and have suggested it will be geared towards 1080p monitors.


The reports are also suggesting all Xbox Series X and S consoles will come with a $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option. This will include Xbox Live, and access to the huge catalog of Xbox Game Pass titles.

Xbox Series X vs Series S specs

Series X vs Series S
Spec comparison between Series X and Series S.

While Microsoft’s next generation of consoles is slowly having its information dripped out ahead of the big reveal, we’ve seen very little on the other side of the console war.

Sony has kept its ship tight, apparently, and that means hiding the PlayStation 5’s possible release dates too. There have been rumors the PS5 may clock in at $599 USD, but considering Xbox’s leaked lower price, that could be changed.


With the cat out of the bag for one of the consoles, it's likely more news will come for the Series X soon. Keep your eyes peeled during, or even ahead of, Xbox's planned Tokyo event later this month, on September 24.