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Gaming • Jun 10, 2019

What do the Xbox Project Scarlett specs actually mean?

What do the Xbox Project Scarlett specs actually mean?

During Microsoft's E3 2019 presentation, the next generation Xbox, referred to as Project Scarlett, was revealed. The announcement included some specs too, but what do they mean?


Custom made processor

Firstly, the CPU powering the new Xbox will use the latest Zen2 technology from AMD. From a pure processing perspective, Microsoft claim it is four times more powerful than the processor that powers the Xbox One X, a bold and exciting statement.

Whether the new Xbox utilizes new 7nm chip-size technology remains to be seen. As Sony have already confirmed their next console will be doing so, it seems safe to assume Microsoft will too.

A teased image from Halo Infinite...


Clocking speeds for the processor have also yet to be revealed but once again it is expected to at least match the next generation PlayStation.

Insane graphics capabilities

The Project Scarlett GPU is also built by AMD. Microsoft didn't reveal any specific numbers, but the team did throw out some seriously impressive stats when it comes to its capabilities.


Frame rate

In terms of frame rate, 120 frames per second was explicitly stated. This means the fourth generation of Xbox is going to be capable of twice the frame rate that its most optimized games from previous generations have been.

Many had simply been wanting a guaranteed 60 FPS, so the news of 120 is quite the prospect. However, to utilize these frame rates, that have only been seen on PC gaming up until now, you will need a monitor capable of outputting them.

8k resolution

If the super slick 120 FPS wasn't enough, the big 8k number was shared as well. The presentation simply says "8k capability" which presumably does refer to gaming.

For those who have a display device capable of showing 8k resolution, it seems likely that you will be able to enjoy gaming in the highest quality resolution ever available in a console. It will almost certainly come at the expense of framerate, though.

Incredible load times

On top of these specs comes Microsoft's "new generation of SSDs". Load times have been a bottle neck for the current generation of consoles with gamers all too familiar with loading screens that can take in excess of one minute.

Microsoft claim the new Solid State Drive they are using will increase load speeds by 40 times in comparison to the current generation. This would make loading screens almost non-existent.

Project Scarlett, which may just be the codename for the new Xbox, is scheduled to release in the holidays of 2020.

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