Xbox Leaker warns Starfield and Redfall are being rushed out in “rough shape”

Xbox Starfield in rough shapeBethesda/Xbox

A reliable Xbox leaker, who originally predicted the release of the rhythm adventure game, Hi-Fi Rush has claimed that Redfall and Starfield are still in bad shape before their release, going on to say that Starfield could be delayed further, or risk being released unfinished.

After predicting the surprise announcement of Hi-Fi Rush, one Xbox Leaker has warned players that the two most highly anticipated titles from Xbox in 2023 are still in “rough shape” and need “more quality control” before being fully released.

Starfield and Redfall are scheduled to release in early 2023, with Redfall getting an official release date during the Xbox Developer Direct showcase. However, this leak may be the first hint fans are getting that Starfield could end up releasing later on in the year than originally intended. That or it could come out before Bethesda is intending.

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Reliable Xbox leaker claims Starfield and Redfall are still in “rough shape”

The Xbox leaker initially states that Microsoft lost a considerable amount of money in 2022 and is looking to Xbox, and the release of Starfield to help make up the losses before June 2023. However, it’s been made clear that both Redfall and Starfield could be in rough shape and not ready to release in both May and early 2023 respectively.

They went on to explain that Redfall is in much better shape than Starfield and that “Bethesda wants more time with Starfield,” stating that, if the company gets their way, we may not see the game until fall 2023 rather than its predicted release window. The leaker warned that if the game does come out in June then fans should “expect it to be in rough shape.”

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While these leaks are only speculation and could be false, many fans are hoping Bethesda are given the time they need to polish Starfield and prepare it for release, and that Redfall will be a success.