Xbox June update lets players reveal secret Achievements for games

. 4 weeks ago
xbox secret achievements available to unveil

Xbox’s June update finally gives players the ability to leisurely reveal secret Achievements in games.

Typically, Xbox users must either unlock secret Achievements in-game or search for the relevant information online to access details about hidden Achievements. Players have long held out hope for a change, regardless of what it may mean for story spoilers.

Surprisingly, such a feature entered the PlayStation ecosystem several years ago with the advent of the PS4’s 4.00 update in late 2016. Visiting the console’s Trophy menu and pressing ‘Square’ on a Hidden Trophy unveils the walled-off details, such as the description and Trophy grade. The process has proven just as simple on PS5 and the PlayStation App.

It’s a wonder, then, that Xbox has taken so long to implement a similar feature on its various platforms. Fortunately, the team at Xbox recently deployed an update that makes Achievement hunting a bit easier to manage.

Xbox update improves secret Achievements

secret achievement xbox
Players can easily access secret Achievements.

In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft announced that users now have the ability to reveal secret Achievements at leisure, thanks to a June update. This new feature applies to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the official mobile and PC app.

To uncover the hidden details while in-game, players need only to open the guide, visit Game Activity, then select Achievements. From there, the title, description, and Gamerscore attached to said Achievement should appear without issue.

The Xbox Wire blog post also notes that the latest changes increase the “speed and reliability of detecting available updates.” Needless to say, such quality of life adjustments will go a long way in improving the core gaming experience for many players.

Secret Achievements revealed xbox june update
Achievement hunting made easier.

Xbox’s newest improvement to the Achievements system marks the start of a great month for the platform. This especially holds true considering the Xbox Game Pass lineup, thus far, which includes the likes of For Honor and Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

It’s possible the platform holder has a few other surprises up its sleeve, too. Fans should learn as much come June 12, when Xbox and Bethesda Softworks host a joint games showcase.

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