Xbox fans shocked as Microsoft steps in & deletes impossible achievement: “Never seen that”

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Xbox has reportedly stepped in to fix an achievement list for farming simulator game Homestead Arcana after players were highlighting how one final achievement was impossible to complete.

When it comes to gaming, many hardcore players will spend hours upon hours working hard to achieve a 100% completion rate for a game. This task typically involves finishing all quests, side tasks, and unlocking all collectibles within a game. Finally, it also involves players unlocking each and every achievement or trophy for a game if they’re a real completionist.

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For Xbox users playing through newly released farming sim Homestead Arcana, unlocking 100% of achievements was first thought impossible. As a result, Xbox has stepped in to remove an achievement from the game after fans began voicing their frustration that they could not complete it.

The achievement in question is one called “You Can’t Be Too Prepared”. To complete it, players were required to craft every single item in the game at least once.

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Farming simulators also require players to grind it out, however, this game was impossible to 100% at first.

However, with hundreds and hundreds of items to craft, the task is no small feat. In addition to this, players also reported that one recipe for the item Green Ankle Boots wasn’t even showing up as being available to craft. Therefore making the achievement impossible to complete.

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In light of this, Xbox has reportedly stepped in to fix the issue, removing the achievement from the list altogether. 

Xbox fans shocked after Microsoft remove achievement from Homestead Arcana

This was spotted by players who then posted the news on the Xbox TrueAchievements forum. “I don’t know if this is a bug or glitch – I’ve never seen something like it before, but I went to Homestead Arcana on my Xbox and it says I got 35/35 achievements,1000/1000G.”

They then added, “The craft everything achievement that was unobtainable seems to not be a thing anymore? I’ve never seen that happen.”

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Time will tell if Xbox issues an official statement about the update to Homestead Arcana’s achievement list or if they are hoping to fix the issue without drawing too much attention to it.

However, the game is still available on the Xbox Game Pass. Meaning for anyone wanting to dive into the game now, you can do so knowing you will at least have the chance to complete all the achievements.

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