Xbox controller leak confirms Lockhart to be called Series S - Dexerto

Xbox controller leak confirms Lockhart to be called Series S

Published: 10/Aug/2020 1:44 Updated: 10/Aug/2020 1:48

by Bill Cooney


Newly leaked images of a supposed new, all-white Xbox controller is fuelling speculation that the Xbox “Lockhart” will indeed be a smaller, cheaper version of the new upcoming console.

After the new Series X was announced rumors started to float around about another more compact console being developed by Microsoft to go along with it.

Initially called “Lockhart”, recently leaked images of new Xbox controllers were already driving fans wild with theories on what they could be, and now pictures of the retail box for the next-gen controller, which says it’s compatible with the ‘Xbox series S’, have come out as well.


The images, which were originally posted to Reddit, now show the packaging for the all-white Xbox controller, which we saw images of a few days before.

On the box, we can clearly see the controller is intended for use with the Xbox Series X and the mysterious Series S, which would definitely seem to be the actual name for ‘Lockhart’.

Another detail that points to this being a legit image and not just a cleverly doctored fake is the information saying it uses a USB-C connection and the new D-pad layout we’ve seen from past official Xbox teasers.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce or comment on the Xbox series S or the leaked images, but they are expected to come out with more information on the cheaper, entry-level console later this month.


Fans have already created mock-ups for what the Series S could look like.

The next generation of Xbox consoles already has a set release date of “Holiday 2020” and while that might not be the most exact timeframe, at least it lets us know we’ll have answers to the questions these leaks are generating soon enough as we inevitably get closer to the end of the year.

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