WWE 2K23 update 1.03 patch notes: All fixes & changes

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WWE 2K23 brings the hard-hitting wrestling franchise back with another round of mat-pounding action. To ensure the game is running smoothly on its official launch day, 2K have released a new 1.03 update, and we have the complete patch notes.

After a triumphant return to the series last year, 2K Games returned in 2023 with a new wrestling game in WWE 2K23. We think the game is better in almost every way and continues the upward momentum of the WWE 2K franchise.

The devs feel that not everything is rosy with WWE 2K23 though, and even though the game has already debuted via special editions of the game, the full release date is March 17, 2023. To be prepared, 2K have issued the 1.03 update to clean up some inconsistencies in the gameplay.

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WWE 2K23 1.03 update

Apart from tweaks to the game’s Create-A-Superstar function, there isn’t one main area that the devs have focused on with WWE 2K23 for the 1.03 update.

The deployed fix concentrates on improving the game’s stability, ensuring it’s as polished as can be, and also makes some adjustments to the overall user experience.

WWE 2K23 March 15 update: 1.03 patch notes

You can check out the complete look at the WWE 2K23 1.03 patch notes below for the March 15 update.

  • Polish and stability fixes for launch day.
  • Improvements to CAS part compatibility.
  • Improvements made to Superstars interacting with objects lying on the ground.
  • Part of 1.02 update) Improvements to overall stability and other minor fixes have been made to enhance the user experience.

That’s everything included in the new WWE 2K23 update, now that you’ve read the patch notes, check out some of our other guides we’ve put together for the game:

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