WWE 2K23 removes Women’s superstar from roster prior to release

Scarlett is a wrestler and Karrion Kross' manager.2K Sports

WWE 2K23 is only weeks away, but it seems that the roster is already in for a shuffle. A Women’s Division superstar that appeared on the first roster list has been removed only a day after first showing up.

WWE’s characters are famously what makes the product so special and the same thing can be said for the video game version too.

Whether it’s opening those special, special cans as Stone Cold Steve Austin, or sending an opponent to their final resting place as The Undertaker, there’s a reason that each new release updates the selection of characters every year.

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Removal from the roster is an unusual happening for the 2K franchise, but the February 14 version of the list indicates that a familiar name has either been taken out of the final release or was never intended to be a playable character in the first place.

WWE 2K23 Women’s Division wrestler may have been removed from full roster

Scarlett hasn’t seen much action since returning to the WWE back in August 2022, but she has prominently played the role of manager to her real-life husband Karrion Kross.

Still, she was listed as a playable character in 2K23 according to the first Full Roster list on the game’s website.

The pair teamed up to attack Drew McIntyre in her return, but since then she’s mostly been sitting on the sidelines.

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The highlight of her in-ring activity was a January match alongside her hubby where they faced off against Madcap Moss & Emma.

Notably, Scarlett did appear in WWE 2K22, but only in her managerial role. There’s no way to know yet if this was an error in the list or if she was meant to be playable, but it seems like fans will have to make do without her when the game is released on March 14.