WWE 2K22 reportedly bringing back GM mode for first time in years

Roman Reigns makes his entrance2K Games

WWE 2K games have been a mixed bag. The series desperately needs a pinfall victory to restore fan confidence before they tap out for good. After a stellar WWE 2K19, the next entry in the series WWE 2K20 was developed by Visual Concepts rather than the usual developer Yuke’s.

With this change of developer, a highly requested feature is said to be coming back – General Manager mode.

Edge makes his entrance2K Games
Edge makes his entrance in WWE 2K22.

Is WWE 2K22 bring back General Manager mode?

Although according to industry insider Millie A (@milliemand) WWE 2K22 will bring this classic feature back next year. Taking to Twitter, Millie said, “WWE 2K22 will 100% have a Manager mode in which you the player will run the WWE”

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She went on to say, “This has been asked for, for years and recently topped various fan request polls. At this point in time, the plans are to unveil the mode around either Survivor Series (Nov) or Rumble (Jan).”

WWE generally has a monthly pay-per-view event, but Survivor Series and The Royal Rumble are considered part of ‘The Big Four’ PPVs, along with WrestleMania and SummerSlam. So revealing GM mode during one of these makes sense. It also tracks with how WWE and 2K Sports have operated in the past.

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Millie A has been right before when leaking insider knowledge ahead of time. As an analyst working in the industry and since leaking information about Hogwarts last year, her reputation for accuracy has grown online.

The revival of WWE 2k?

2K20 was panned on release with fans and pundits pointing out various bugs and a clear dip in quality since the last entry. As a result of this, and other notable world events, 2020 came and went without a WWE 2K game. But the series is set to make a comeback with WWE 2K22 on March 8 next year.

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Expectations are mixed, as Visual Concepts are once again developing the series. However, the studio has had much more time to iron out bugs and glitches as well as bring back some classic features. One which fans have requested for a while is GM mode, which has not been seen since Smackdown vs Raw 2008.

GM mode puts the player in the position of WWE’s General Manager whose job it is to make matches, keep feuding wrestlers in check, and make sure live events are attracting fans. It’s great fun when done right, and something the series has missed for years.

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Of course, nothing is set in stone until it’s officially announced by WWE or 2K Sports. But it gives ‘rasslin fans a reason to be cheerful. As does the revelation that the beloved late Owen Hart will appear in the upcoming AEW game.

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