WoW cosplayer embraces the cold as icy Jaina Proudmoore - Dexerto

WoW cosplayer embraces the cold as icy Jaina Proudmoore

Published: 25/Oct/2021 10:36

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft’s Jaina Proudmoore has etched herself into video game history as one of a WoW fan favorite, but this cosplayer has brought her to life with a stunning cosplay.

World of Warcraft is bursting with fascinating characters, but none has become more of an icon than the ice queen herself, Jaina Proudmoore.

With cosplayers flocking to the ice queen of the seas and some of Eorzea’s finest Glamourers recreating her in Final Fantasy XIV: Online, she’s truly become one of WoW’s most famous faces.

Hoping to put her own spin on Azeroth’s finest mage is Korean cosplayer Lanha, whose stunning rendition will freeze you in your tracks.


World of Warcraft Jaina Proudmoore on a ship
Blizzard Entertainment
Jaina has become one of WoW’s most beloved characters.

WoW cosplayer stuns as Jaina Proudmoore

Choosing to cosplay as the frosty spell slinger because WoW is her “favorite game” and Jaina is her “favorite character,” Lanha has done her idol proud.

Framed by a stunning gothic cathedral, every detail of this cosplay is perfectly executed. Her jagged shoulder armor blends beautifully into her violet cape, which is fixed over her worn blue breastplate. Golden trims highlight the purple fabric from head to toe, with her ankle-length white underskirt gently brushing the ground.

Using subtle makeup to recreate the ice mage’s porcelain features and spectacular beauty, Lanha’s golden hair cascades down her shoulders like a wispy blond waterfall.


All eyes are drawn to the staff, though, whose crystalline tip looks as though there’s pure magic housed within it.


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“The outfit was made using velvet fabric and chiffon fabric,” she told Dexerto. “The main part of the outfit was decorated with lace. The armor was made of EVA foam and painted with acrylic paint. The staff was made of PVC pipe and the crystal part was made of acrylic.”


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Her WoW journey doesn’t stop there, though. “I’m planning on cosplay as Illidan,” she states, and we can’t wait to see how she transforms herself into the demonic night elf – after all, he’s a little bit different from Jaina!


If you’re also aboard the Lanha hype train, too, be sure to check out her Instagram!