World Flipper characters tier list – Best characters to choose in 2022

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Here is the World Flipper character tier list for May 2022
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If you’re looking for a World Flipper tier list to find out the best characters to run your pinball sessions with, then look no further as our guide will help you to decide what to prioritize in May 2022.

The Pinball-based World Flipper is filled with action and brings a unique touch to the genre with anime-themed elements. It requires you to slam your enemies with the multiple characters you own who play a major role in clearing levels as you progress.

You need to have a proper arsenal with unique characteristics and skill sets that can be combined to unleash powerful attacks.

As a result, choosing optimal units can give you the edge needed to earn those extra points and resources. Fortunately, our World Flippers tier list is here to help you refine your selections before each level.


World Flipper has a ton of characters to choose from and this tier list helps you to choose yours
Kakao Games Corp.
World Flipper was inspired by the classic Pinball game.

World Flipper character tier list (May 2022)

We have separated our character tier list for World Flipper into five separate tiers. Before you proceed with the rest of the guide, it’s important to note that all characters have different abilities and traits. These traits aid to enhance your power flip once you assign them as the leader.

So, make sure to use the appropriate characters to make the most of their potential.

Characters listed in the S Tier are the ones that you should be looking to train and upgrade as you progress through the game. On the contrary, characters appearing in the D Tier should be avoided as much as possible.

With that being said, let’s dive in and check out the best World Flipper characters to use in May 2022.

World Flipper tier list – S Tier

Characters Element
Baretta Light
Celtie Wind
Razelt Light
Sha Susu Thunder
Shywe Wind
 Vyron Dark

World Flipper tier list – A Tier

Characters Element
Cipher Water
Clarisse Fire
Kikuno Fire
Metis Thunder
Miguel Wind
Phiria Wind

World Flipper tier list – B Tier

Characters Element
Barrek Thunder
Carla Dark
Marina Water
Noenne Fire
Remnith Water
Sonia Water

World Flipper tier list – C Tier

Characters Element
Belsidia Dark
Cagliostro Thunder
Murakumo Wind
NY Ellya Light
Tajes Light
Xmas Marainne Dark

World Flipper tier list – D Tier

Characters Element
Eclair Light
Inaho Thunder
Leon Wind
Mormia Dark
Nephtim Light
Selene Water
Suizen Water
Vagner Fire
Xmas Soushiro Thunder
Xmas Inaho Light
World Flipper characters can be upgraded using rare materials
Kakao Games Corp.
World Flipper has over 201 playable units in the global version.

How to upgrade characters in World Flipper

Upgrading characters in World Flipper is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is play through the levels to unlock more resources along the way that will ultimately help you to strengthen your characters.

As you progress with the storyline, more gear gets unlocked which helps to increase the characters’ stats as well. Experience points can be earned as you continue to level up but there’s a cap for every character in the game. This cap can be overcome with the help of rare materials, to reinforce your favorite characters further.

Later in the game, the Mana board gets unlocked which helps you to obtain permanent boosts and story progression for characters of your choice. Occasional Coupon codes might also help you to receive some extra resources that may help to upgrade your characters.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to about the World Flipper characters tier list for May 2022.

For more tips and tricks, make sure to go through our various guides.

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