Witchfire: Gameplay, trailers, platforms, & everything we know

player battling skull enemy in witchfireThe Astronauts

Witchfire is a gothic first-person fantasy shooter featuring magical enemies and lots of guns. Here’s everything we know so far. 

After originally being announced way back at The Game Awards in 2017, Witchfire did what so many games have done before and disappeared without a trace. However, the fantasy FPS rose from the dead during Summer Game Fest 2022 and showed off some more gameplay.

The game seems to be getting closer to its final form and fans of the Doom of Wolfenstein series may find a lot to love about Witchfire. Here’s everything we know in one place.


player jumping in the sky in witchfireThe Astronauts
There’s going to be a variety of ways to take down hostile forces.

Does Witchfire have a release date?

Currently, there is no revealed release date for Witchfire yet.

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In a Q&A on The Astronauts official website, the devs discussed when we can expect Witchfire to drop and they said: “We’re aiming for Q4 2022. But we will not release, not even in Early Access, until we’re happy with what we have. You only have one chance to make the first impression and we respect your time and money. But again, currently the goal is the same as it was when we first mentioned it, which is Q4 2022.”

From the outset, it’s not entirely clear if this means they’re targeting a Q4 release for the game’s early access, or the full release. We’ll update this page once we know more.

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Witchfire gameplay

Witchfire is a first-person shooter blending traditional shooting elements with the backdrop of a fantasy game. Its original teaser reminded us a lot of Wolfenstein and similar games.

As the game was announced several years ago, Witchfire’s gameplay doesn’t seem to have changed between its 2017 reveal and 2022 reemergence. The goal is to find some big guns and blow mystical enemies to pieces.

As well as Wolfenstein, the game also borrows from the likes of Bioshock and Dishonored by allowing players to cast magical energy with their free hand. Gunplay looks frantic and intense and has immediate arena-shooter vibes similar to DOOM and Shadow Warrior 3.

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Witchfire trailers

The first Witchfire teaser appeared in 2017 at The Game Awards and gave a brief insight into the game’s stylings and genre:

Fast-forward five years later and Witchfire was back looking shinier, more explosive, and with an extra coat of polish. Check it out below:

Witchfire platforms

Witchfire will be made available on PC, with it being restricted to Epic Games during early access. However, the devs have confirmed that Witchfire will be coming to other platforms.

It’s unclear which platforms though, but it’s almost a given that games are being made now with the PS5 and Xbox Series X in mind. Development presumably started on last-gen hardware, so there’s a good chance that Witchfire will get a release on more platforms.

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The Preyer short story

While first-person-shooter fans wait for news about Witchfire, the team behind the upcoming game have now released a short horror story called The Preyer.

The horror story was written by Adrian Chmielarz, The Astronauts co-founder & artistic director, and expands on the lore and world of Witchfire. It also includes illustrations from artist, Bernard Kowalczuk using a similar style to the game itself.

The Preyer can be found here on The Astronauts website and should provide those interested in Witchfire a dark window into the game’s world, characters, and lore.

Witchfire is shaping up to be an exciting FPS game and there are also many other games coming out too:

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