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Wild Rift November 13 update nerfs Ezreal, Muramana, more

Published: 14/Nov/2020 1:54 Updated: 14/Nov/2020 2:43

by Andrew Amos


Ezreal has been dominating the League of Legends: Wild Rift meta since the game’s release. However, Riot are aware of it, and are toning down his power in a November 13 update, hitting him as well as Muramana. Changes to matchmaking were also added.

While there’s only a limited selection of League champions to pick from right now in Wild Rift, there’s a few dominant ones you can expect to see in every game. One of those is Ezreal.

The bot lane marksman is one of the strongest picks in Wild Rift right now. His laning phase is one of the most oppressive in the game, and those that can master the touch controls can easily poke out enemies.


PsyOps Ezreal Prestige Edition for League of Legends
Riot Games
Ezreal is one of the top-tier picks in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

He was also helped by Tear of the Goddess buffs on patch 1.0, which increased the bonus AD on Muramana from 1% to 2% of total mana.

However, Riot have patched this up in a November 13 update. Both Ezreal and his core item have been targeted in the latest Wild Rift update as Riot keep their eyes on power picks ahead of the next patch.

Ezreal’s Mystic Shot now has lower base damage and a lower AD ratio, all while costing more mana. Essence Flux will now also restore a flat amount of mana based on level, which will be lower than the old value of 60 plus the cost of the ability.


Muramana is also having its power cut back slightly The mana to AD ratio will be lowered to 1.5% from 2%. While it’s still better than it was pre-patch 1.0, it’s overall a big hit to Ezreal’s DPS.

That’s not the only part of Wild Rift Riot are targeting with this update too. The devs are looking at making the matchmaking experience better too.

While they didn’t label any specific changes, they are hoping to improve queue times and game quality.

“We’re rolling out some adjustments to our matchmaking algorithm. We’ll be monitoring closely, but we’re looking to decrease matchmaking time and increase game quality overall,” they stated.


In-game leaderboards are also being updated to “better reflect accurate percentiles for top-ranked players.”

The full Wild Rift November 13 patch notes can be found below.

Wild Rift November 13 patch notes



(1) Mystic Shot

  • Damage: 30/65/100/135 → 20/55/90/125
  • Total AD Ratio: 1.2 → 1.1
  • Mana: 25/30/35/40 → 30/35/40/45

(2) Essence Flux

  • Mana restore: 60 + cost of triggering ability → 60/70/80/90


Manamune & Muramana

  • Mana to AD conversion ratio: 2% → 1.5%