Who Am I? Kojima Productions teaser could hint at Hideo Kojima’s next game

Hideo Kojima at Kojima ProductionsInstagram: Hideo Kojima

When it comes to teasing new video game projects, few are more inventive than Hideo Kojima. The Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator is known for his cryptic ways and the cycle could now be starting over as a mysterious poster might be hinting at his next title.

From the fake ‘7780s Studios’ behind P.T. to his often blurred posts on social media teasing certain aspects of production, Kojima is always one to keep his fans guessing. Rather than just explicitly announcing his next big projects, the Japanese auteur prefers to keep cards close to the chest at first.

Guessing his next move has become part of the fun and while elements out of his control can occasionally lead to information spilling out, it’s often still anyone’s guess what it all means.

While no official details have yet been revealed on Kojima’s next game, whether it be the rumored Death Stranding 2 or the reported Overdose title in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, it seems we’re getting close to a major reveal. Now, the first possible teaser for his next release may have just been shared online.

‘Who Am I?’ – That lone question appears in the foreground of a mysterious new poster from Kojima Productions. Behind the text is an unknown female character with her face darkened. The figure is seemingly standing in front of a few bright lights as she faces the camera.

Other than prominent Kojima stan Geoff Keighley sharing the image with a simple question mark emoji, there’s nothing further to go off. It’s impossible to tell who the actress behind the character is, what game project its in relation to, or when we might learn more. It’s all one big mystery for the time being.

Given Kojima’s obsession with cinema, there’s every chance this could be the first tease for an A-list actress involved in his next big game. Death Stranding saw the likes of Léa Seydoux and Margaret Qualley perform opposite Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelson, among others. As for who may have been cast in his next effort, we’ll have to wait and see.

Everyone from Keanu Reeves to Emma Stone were rumored at various points to be linked to his earlier work, so until we hear from the man himself, it’s truly anyone’s guess. We already know not to expect anything from this year’s Tokyo Game Show, so it could be a while before we learn more.

In the meantime, there’s a good chance this new poster is just the first of many to come. We may see multiple similar teasers hinting at numerous characters in the days and weeks to come before a full reveal. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted right here with all the latest.