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Gaming • Jan 10, 2019

When is The Elder Scrolls 6 coming out? Expert predicts early release date for Skyrim sequel


It is generally accepted within the gaming community at large that the sixth installment of The Elder Scrolls is a long way off from being released. However, one respected analyst disagrees.


Believe it or not, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is now over seven years old, having been released way back in November of 2011. Unfortunately, all the signs seem to point at the game being out for almost a decade before the next one comes out.

The only thing we know for sure about The Elder Scrolls VI is that it is definitely coming - Bethesda released an official teaser trailer back in June of 2018 but it showed nothing but a mountain range and provided no further information.

With virtually no information to work with, the majority of fans and players have resigned themselves to the belief that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still a handful of years away, but Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, believes that we could be getting our hands on it as soon as 2019!

“Elder Scrolls VI is coming in 2019,” Pachter said in an industry with “The flop of Fallout 76 makes a hit more essential for Bethesda, and I expect them to accelerate development of ESVI.”

It's hard to believe that Skyrim was released over nine years ago.

It’s hard to argue with Pachter’s statements about Bethesda needing some good press after the disastrous Fallout 76 release in November of 2018, but rushing The Elder Scrolls 6 and releasing it ahead of time could easily result in an even worse community reaction.

While the analyst’s prediction has been met with skepticism by many of his colleagues and members of the Elder Scrolls community, his seemingly far-fetched predictions have proven to be correct in the past.

His comments about Call of Duty entering the world of Battle Royale games proved to be correct with the announcement of Black Ops 4’s ‘Blackout’ mode, and he also, unfortunately, was right when he stated that Rockstar would not be announcing any significant new titles like GTA 6 in 2018.

Of course, Pachter has also made his fair share of incorrect predictions, and the idea of Bethesda somehow managing to get The Elder Scrolls 6 released in 2019 when we haven’t even seen a proper trailer yet seems incredibly unlikely. Only time will tell whether he is right or not.

Watch this space...

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