Splitgate will be getting a “Forge” map-maker mode before Halo Infinite

Splitgate takes the old Halo formula and adds an awesome Portal spice to the mix.1047 Studios

Splitgate is “most definitely” getting a custom map-maker ⁠— better known as a “Forge” mode to Halo aficionados ⁠— co-founder Ian Proulx has told Dexerto in an exclusive interview, and it will be coming “sooner rather than later.”

Iconic editor mode “Forge” is coming to Splitgate.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, co-founder Ian Proulx confirmed the Splitgate developers are already working on bringing the super-popular Halo builder mode to their FPS title, with the game’s recent $100 million investment making it more of a reality.

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“We get all sorts of crazy, interesting ideas [from the community],” the 1047 Games CEO explained. “In general, there’s lots people want… like Forge mode.”

Those Splitgate dreams, he revealed, are fast becoming a reality. The studio’s $100m windfall means that “everything is on the table,” including Forge. Proulx said: “We want to do Forge mode, yes. We haven’t started working on it yet. But, it’s one of those features where it’s like, okay, we can actually do that now.

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Splitgate is also planning to include a file sharing option.

“Once we hire more people, it will jump to near the top of our priority list,” Proulx said of Forge. “It’s on our list as something we can get out sooner, rather than later.”

Portals play a key role in lifting Splitgate beyond other standard FPS titles.1047 Studios
Splitgate has been exploding in popularity since its beta release earlier this year.

Proulx’s admissions to Dexerto aren’t the only place 1047 Games has confirmed their ambitions to craft their own “Forge” mode in Splitgate either; on September 16, the game’s official Twitter account revealed the highly-demanded mode was indeed on its way to Splitgate’s portal-filled realm.

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Dexerto expects we’ll see Splitgate’s builder mode on full release.

Forge mode is perhaps one of the most iconic features from any video game series ever. Bungie (now working on Destiny 2) first unveiled “Forge” in Halo 3, letting players sink their teeth into custom maps, modes, and creations.

Earlier this month, new Halo devs 343 Industries announced Infinite’s Forge had been delayed, and will not ship with the game’s release on December 8.

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