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What’s the Headless Horseman’s Head in Roblox? Price, release date, more

Published: 25/Aug/2021 23:44

by Nick Farrell


Roblox offers a wide array of customization options for players to purchase within its store, and come Fall there’s going to be even more amazing cosmetics for players to use! 

With striking similarities to Minecraft, Roblox has fitted nicely into the niche of online games for several years now, and its become one of the world’s most popular games year in and year out.

Roblox sports a wide array of skins and other items that players can purchase to jazz up their character. Furthermore, the devs will even offer special holiday cosmetics for players to purchase for a limited time.


With the Fall season just around the corner, there’s no better time to run over one of Roblox’s most beloved skins: The Headless Horseman.

hallowen in roblox
Roblox Corporation
Roblox usually goes all out for holidays, and we’ve seen multiple new skins every year!

What is the Headless Horseman cosmetic within Roblox?

This item is a cosmetic bundle that was first released for Roblox back in October of 2013, and has since been one of the most sought-after skins within the game.

This cosmetic has been a staple of the Halloween skins within the store for over seven years now, so there’s little to no doubt that it’ll once again be within the store come Fall this year.

When does the Headless Horsman bundle release?

headless horseman
Roblox Corporation
This skin is definitely on the creepier side of Roblox cosmetics.

Since 2013, this bundle has been released into the in-game store every October, and going off of previous years, players can expect it to be within the shop from around the first week of October until the beginning of November.


How much does the Headless Horseman bundle cost?

If you’re looking to purchase this bundle, you’ll have to set aside around 31,000 Robux. It’s one of the best holiday outfits they’ve added over the years, and you’ll definitely see players rocking this bundle come Halloween.