What new Netflix cast could mean for Witcher 3 DLCs


Casting news about the brand new Netflix Witcher show “Blood Origins” might just give us a small clue about the upcoming Witcher 3 DLC.

Witcher 3 fans have a lot to look forward to later on in 2021. The game’s not only getting a next-gen port, but some free DLC to go along with it. On top of that, some brand new Witcher content on Netflix will be arriving, as well.

We already know that these new stories and missions will be based, at least in part, on Netflix’s Witcher series. So, characters or NPCs featured in them could also be based on characters in the new show, too.

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CD Projekt Red
Blood Origin will feature a character every Witcher 3 should know: Eredin.

First and foremost, we now know that the Witcher 3’s big baddie, Eredin, will be featured in Blood Origin, played by Australian actor Jacob Collins-Levy. 

The leader of the Wild Hunt seems like he could be an obvious choice to include – especially if the DLCs do somehow end up going down the prequel route.

Mirren Mack will play Merwyn, Lenny Henry will play the druid Balor, and Amy Murray will play Fenrik. Those names could be familiar to Witcher 3 players, because they’re all featured in the game – that is, if you took the time to actually read some of the books around the map.

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When will Netflix Blood Origins come out?

Multiple versions of The Witcher 3 — including an unannounced RTX release — were also leaked.CD Projekt Red
Multiple versions of The Witcher 3 — including an unannounced RTX release — were also leaked.

Blood Origin is just starting filming in August 2021, so there’s a much more likely chance that the DLCs coming out later this year are based on the main series. Still, there’s nothing saying it will or won’t happen.

Blood Origin does sound like it could make a DLC on it’s own though, being set thousands of years before the events of both the popular Netflix series and video game. But being in the past, it might not let us play as Geralt, which would be a major setback for fans.

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Though being a video game with plenty of magic and time-traveling already, there’s nothing saying Geralt couldn’t travel through time himself though, right?

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