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What is Talos in Apex Legends?

Published: 27/Apr/2021 17:20

by Alex Garton


The lore of Apex Legends is filled with countless unique and interesting locations that all have links to the character’s backstories. A planet that’s mentioned frequently is Talos, home of the World’s Edge map.

While a lot of developers struggle to get their audience interested in a game’s lore, Respawn has had overwhelming success getting players invested in the characters of Apex Legends.

Each of the Legends in the Apex Games has a backstory, lore and, secrets waiting to be discovered by players. These are unveiled through comics, ‘Stories from the Outlands’ videos, and even full physical lore books like ‘Pathfinder’s Quest’.


Despite this, some locations are mentioned more than others, and a place that’s frequently referenced is Talos. So, without further ado, let’s check where and why Talos is significant in Apex Legends.

Talos Apex Legends lore
Respawn Entertainment
Talos is the birthplace of Bloodhound.

What is Talos in Apex Legends

Talos is a harsh and unforgiving planet stricken with intense volcanic activity. Although once only inhabited by small luddite settlements, the IMC began extracting materials from the planet after a rare mineral compound was discovered.

The organization built heat-reducing towers in order to extract the precious resource. However, after one of the towers exploded, a lethal flash freeze covered the surrounding area and caused the IMC to vacate the planet as a whole.


This exact location on the planet is now known as World’s Edge and is a playable map in Apex Legends.

World's Edge Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Valkyrie is the new Legend set to join the Apex roster.

Which Legends come from Talos?

So far, only one of the game’s Legends can call Talos their birthplace and that’s Bloodhound. The Technological Tracker has a reputation as a hero among the inhabitants of the planet, reintroducing technology to the local communities.

It’s very possible that in the future we could see another Legend who is native to Talos appear on the roster of Legends. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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