What happened to Football Manager 2022 Touch for iPad?

Lloyd Coombes
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Football Manager 2022 will come to PC and Xbox this year, but where is Football Manager 2022 Touch on iPad?

Football Manager made its name on PC, but the franchise has spread to the likes of Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices over the last few years. One of the most underrated ways to play Football Manager has been on a tablet, though, via Football Manager Touch – a stripped-down version of the title that still offers plenty of complexity.

This year, though, Football Manager 2022 Touch will only be available on Nintendo Switch – and is skipping tablet devices, including the popular iPad version, entirely.

Here’s all we know about the tablet version so far.

Football Manager 2022 graphic showing which platforms will receive each version of the game
Sports Interactive/SEGA
Football Manager 2022’s available platforms are a little different this year.

Football Manager 2022 Touch will not launch on iPad

As per the Football Manager 2022 website, developer Sports Interactive notes that Football Manager Touch will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch this year.

“We constantly monitor our roster of games using a process of ‘cost-benefit analysis’ which, simply put, means that we look at how much it costs us to develop, QA and release each separate version, then compare that against the revenue it will bring in,” the blog post reads.

“Sometimes this leads to us having to make difficult business decisions that we know won’t be universally popular, but we have to look at the bigger picture and decide what’s the best for the majority of our players and for us as a studio,” suggesting the tablet-based version of Touch has not necessarily been as popular as the mobile or Switch versions.

The blog also suggests that players looking to play on their tablet can still stream the main version of Football Manager 2022 via Xbox cloud gaming, since the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

It’s undoubtedly going to disappoint iPad players, but the game will come to Xbox consoles this year. Here’s hoping it’ll gain a new audience there.

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