Cuphead DLC Cursed Relic: What does it do & how to get Paladin achievement

mc chalice and mugman fighting boss in cupheadStudioMDHR

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has a new item called the Cursed Relic, which links to the Broken Relic, and it will help you complete the Cuphead Paladin achievement.

After several years in development, StudioMDHR finally released Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC on June 30, 2022, and it’s brought several secrets along with it!

Not only that, but players have been left stumped by the game’s Broken Relic item. Investigative Cuphead fans will know that the item does eventually become the Cursed Relic and it ties in directly to the ambiguous Paladin achievement/trophy.

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Here’s a quick guide to cover the purpose of the Cursed Relic in Cuphead’s DLC, as well as how to complete the Paladin achievement.


The Cursed Relic won't make Cuphead's gameplay any easierStudioMDHR
cursed relic description in cuphead

How to turn the Broken Relic into the Cursed Relic

In order to get your hands on the Broken Relic in the first place, you’ll need to buy it from Porkrind’s shop for a single gold coin, and the game won’t tell you much about what it does or what it’s used for.

Here’s a proper walkthrough showing you what you’ll need to do:

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  1. Buy the ‘Broken Relic’ from ‘Porkrind’s Shop’.
  2. Solve the Graveyard Puzzle — which we have a complete guide for here.
  3. You then need to equip the Broken Relic before the secret boss fight and defeat it.
  4. Once you’ve done this, the relic should now become the ‘Cursed Relic’.

Cuphead DLC Cursed Relic purpose

Now that you have the Cursed Relic in your possession, what untold power does it actually hold? These are the different modifiers that will be applied to you once you equip it:

  • It sets your HP to 1.
  • It randomizes your weapons and charms when using the following: EX attack, stop attack, and dashing.
  • A purple effect surrounds the player’s character.

Quite simply, the Cursed Relic is exactly what it says on the relic — it’s cursed, and not designed to help you.

However, StudioMDHR are not completely sadistic, and you can be rewarded for using it in the heat of combat.

cuphead, mugman, ms chalice, and chef saltbaker in cupheadStudioMDHR
They won’t be smiling once the Cursed Relic is equipped in Cuphead.

Paladin trophy in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

The Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC has a trophy/achievement called ‘Paladin’ and it simply says: “Obtain great power.” Now, without guidance, this can obviously be a bit hard to make sense of, so quite simply all you need do is have the Cursed Relic equipped and defeat the DLC bosses.

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You will have to work hard to earn this one as the erratic nature of the Cursed Relic can be anything but a blessing, and most definitely a curse!

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