Wayfinder: Early access, release window, trailer, gameplay & more

A poster for WayfinderDigital Extremes

Wayfinder is a brand new online action RPG that will let players team up to take down the Gloom, so here’s everything we know about the game right now including early access details and trailers.

Announced during the 2022 Game Awards, Wayfinder is an upcoming release from Airship Syndicate (developers of the excellent Ruined King) and Warframe’s Digital Extremes that will offer “an online world of endless action and adventure” for players to explore together as a team.

Wayfinder takes place in the world of Evenor, which is being consumed by a sinister force known as the Gloom. Players will need to fight back against this invasion by using magic, weapons, and the mysterious device known as the Gloom Dagger.

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There’s not long to go until Wayfinder makes its way to your consoles, so we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the game including details of how to sign up for Playtest access below.


A screenshot of Wayfinder gameplayDigital Extremes

Is there a release date for Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is scheduled for a proper release at some point in Fall 2023, although there’s no specific date on the cards just yet.

There will be an Early Access Program in Spring 2023 for PC and PlayStation consoles, as well as a Closed Early Playtest for select players in December 2022. There’s more information on that below.

How to sign up for Wayfinder Early Playtest

Wayfinder Early Playtest access for PC users begins on December 13, 2022, and you can sign up by visiting the game’s official website. Playtests will be available for PlayStation users in January 2023.

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These closed Playtests will allow accepted players to experience hands-on access to Wayfinder in its development stage as the creators gather feedback and make improvements to the game before launch.

Details on how to access the Playtests will be emailed to those who are successful in their applications. These are different from the Early Access Program that will be launching in Spring 2023.

What platforms will Wayfinder be on?

Wayfinder will be available on PC and PlayStation consoles during its Early Access phase, but it will be coming to “multiple consoles” when it’s officially released in Fall 2023.

Wayfinder trailer

You can watch the official Wayfinder reveal trailer below:

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Wayfinder gameplay

In Wayfinder, players will take control of one of several characters (known as Wayfinders) to control. Each one has its own back story, play styles, and abilities, and you’ll need to work together as a team to defend Evenor from the Gloom invasion.

With the power of your Gloom Dagger, you’ll venture into Lost Zones, which are dungeon-like areas that have been consumed by the Gloom and are different every time you enter them, meaning no two play-throughs are the same.

Players can use the Gloom Dagger to implement mutators to dictate enemies encountered, items dropped, and more, but the Gloom will push back with their own augmentations to things like enemy damage and environmental hazards.

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Wayfinder will be free-to-play when it launches in Fall 2023 and will utilize what Digital Extremes calls a “free-and-fair monetization philosophy”, although there aren’t any details on what that means right now.

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