Watch Dogs Legion players can finally play with friends in co-op private matches

Co-op added into Watch Dogs LegionUbisoft

Ubisoft has finally added a feature to Watch Dogs Legion that players have been asking for since the game released. Here’s all you need to know! 

Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft’s third entry into their third-person RPG series, and it has received its first major update since the game released back in November. The developer has now added a long-awaited feature to multiplayer; which a lot of players were hoping for back during the March update.

Title update 4.0 also includes two new Operatives among other additions to multiplayer. Here’s everything you need to know.

New Watch Dogs patchUbisoft
Finally we can create private lobbies for Watch Dogs Legion.

What’s new in title update 4.0 for Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft posted all of the content coming with the new title update over on their forum page. The headlining addition is that players will be able to create private lobbies for co-op missions when they are trying to queue into an online lobby.

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Beforehand, when queueing into an online mission the game would automatically fill the other spots with randomized players from all over the world. Now, this issue has been fixed, and players are free to matchmake with their friends.

New operatives are also one of the main additions for this title update, as Ubisoft has added two for fans to check out. DJ and First Responder are the latest operatives enlisted into the Watch Dogs arsenal, and they each have their unique abilities.

new operatives watch dogs legionUbisoft
Will you be checking out the new operatives?

DJ will have the ability to stun nearby enemies while also having a reduced cooldown and increased damage when close to enemies. While First Responder will be able to use a Hydraulic Rescue Tool which is essentially a melee weapon, and they will also be able to limit the damage with their AR Medical Shield.

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Along with the new operatives added into the game, there are also five new abilities for operatives. Check them out below!

  • Pickpocket: Operatives can earn currency on each takedown
  • Second Wind: Operatives quickly regain health when defeating enemies
  • Wanted: Albion or Clan Kelley enemies will attack upon detection anywhere in London
  • Hoarder: Operatives can loot and carry more ammo
  • Stuntman: Operatives take less damage from falls, explosions, and collisions with vehicles

Ubisoft has also added some new cooperative missions for players to try their hand at, along with additional weekly challenges to earn more XP!

If you are looking to get a full look at all the changes, you can head over to their forum page where they discuss the update further.