Warzone fans blast final Season 5 update making battle royale “unplayable”

Sam Comrie
Warzone skin running with explosions all around

Warzone isn’t a stranger to strange bugs and frustrating glitches. Despite the developer’s good intentions, players are finding the game harder to play than before after an “unplayable” update. 

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to receive regular updates, in hopes that peculiar issues will be eliminated from the experience.

Some of these issues can often be hilarious, but equally frustrating when it comes to securing the dub. Unfortunately, those frustrations are set to continue.

Following Raven’s latest patch on September 23, players are facing serious stability problems when it comes to their FPS and navigating the game’s menus.

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Warzone seems “less optimized”

Warzone devs are aware of an issue that is causing the lobby menus to run on low FPS and lag. While there is no fix out for it yet, the team has made it known that they are working hard to fix this problem.

Raven Software dropped a patch on September 23, that mainly focused on introducing various weapon balances and tweaks.

However, no amount of devastating weapons on the battlefield can please fans experiencing frame drops as low as “13 FPS.” Multiple Warzone players have begun acknowledging performance issues within the game, that had been seemingly non-existent or as bad before Raven patched the game.

Starting the first areas of the game, one player has said the “main menu just is somehow less optimized and lags more.” Difficulties on the main menu are more tolerable, but spiking within matches itself are becoming increasingly prominent.

Hopefully, a fix will be out soon but in the meantime make sure to keep updated with any and all Warzone developments here.