Warzone 2 players fed up with “ridiculously low” TTK

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Warzone 2 players are completely fed up with the “ridiculously low” time-to-kill speed (TTK), and many are feeling they have no options in close-range gun fights.

The Warzone 2 community has been very critical of the battle royale’s TTK. While the majority would agree it’s in a good spot when it comes to long-range battles, close-quarter combat is a different story.

In short-range gun fights, many believe it all comes down to whoever shoots first, as players die way too fast. The community has long asked for changes. However, many are completely fed up with the TTK.

Warzone 2 players tired of low TTK

In a March 4 Reddit thread, Warzone player ‘Kejzu_’ hit out and showed their frustrations with the game’s time-to-kill and noted how they felt as if they had no options fighting back.

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“Warzone 2 is literally a ‘who sees the other person first’ festival. If you’re the first one to get spotted, you’re screwed, you won’t even be able to turn around, and you’re already dead, which makes it a literal heaven for campers,” the player wrote.

“The poor audio design is not helping either, the footsteps are literally unhearable to the point where you can’t hear a guy that’s in the same building, or flanking you with the tac speed.”

They continued: “I really want to be wrong, I really want someone to prove me wrong, to prove me that I actually can fight back and I can do something about it but I just don’t see it.”

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“Sounds about right. I gave up on this game,” another player added.

While the TTK is the main issue at hand for many, some feel as if the audio problems are actually the biggest concern. “The audio is the most annoying for me,” said one. “The amount of times you don’t hear a zip wire or just any footsteps at all is ridiculous. It’s like there’s permanent dead silence.”

The Infinity Ward and Raven Software devs have addressed the community’s concerns in a call with content creators — giving insight into their decision-making when it comes to TTK.

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There’s no confirmation changes are coming, but the devs are certainly considering their options.