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Warped Kart Racers: Release date, trailer, all characters & platforms

Published: 4/May/2022 11:44

by Daniel Megarry


Warped Kart Racers is a new racing game coming to Apple Arcade, featuring characters from shows like Family Guy and American Dad. From release date to character lineup, here’s everything we know so far.

Ever wondered who would win in a race between Stewie Griffin, Stan Smith, and Hank Hill? Well, even if you haven’t, you’ll be able to find out when Warped Kart Racers arrives on Apple Arcade.

The new Mario Kart-style racing game features characters from 20th Television animated shows including Family Guy, American Dad, Solar Opposites, and King of the Hill, with support for up to eight racers.


Below, you’ll find all the information you need about Warped Kart Racers, including a release date, the platforms it’s available on, and the characters you’ll be able to play as.


A screenshot of Warped Kart Racers
Apple Arcade
Stew will no doubt be a fan-favorite racer when the game launches.

Warped Kart Racers release date

Warped Kart Racers will speed onto your Apple Arcade devices on May 20, 2022, so there’s not long to wait until you can get your next racing fix.

Warped Kart Racers platforms

Warped Kart Racers will be available on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

It doesn’t look like the game will be released on Android devices or any other consoles, so for now it seems to be an Apple Arcade exclusive.


Warped Kart Racers playable characters

There will be 20 playable characters when Warped Kart Racers launches, which you can see below:

Character TV Show
Peter Griffin Family Guy
Lois Griffin Family Guy
Meg Griffin Family Guy
Stewie Griffin Family Guy
Brian Family Guy
Stan Smith American Dad
Francine Smith American Dad
Hayley Smith American Dad
Steve Smith American Dad
Roger American Dad
Hank Hill King of the Hill
Peggy Hill King of the Hill
Bobby Hill King of the Hill
Luanne Platter King of the Hill
Dale Gribble King of the Hill
Korvo Solar Opposites
Terry Solar Opposites
Jesse Solar Opposites
Yumyulack Solar Opposites
The Pupa Solar Opposites

Warped Kart Racers trailer

You can watch the announcement trailer for Warped Kart Racers below:

Warped Kart Racers gameplay details

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Warped Kart Racers takes a similar approach as other karting games like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, with a focus on fun and colorful competitive racing.

There will be 16 courses based on iconic scenes and locations from the shows featured, while mystery boxes littered around each track will give players power-up items and projectiles to throw at their opponents.

Players will be able to customize their karts and give different skins to their racers, while built-in gliders will allow them to zoom through the air when the track disappears at certain sections of courses.


Although eight-player online multiplayer matches will no doubt be the best way to play, there will also be an “extensive” single-player campaign and daily challenges to unlock new characters, skins, and karts.

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