Warframe Prime Vault guide: All current unvaulted Prime Warframes

Garuda Prime gameplay screenshot for WarframeDigital Extremes

Warframe’s Prime Vault can be a little confusing to new players, but we’ve got everything you need to know with our Warframe Prime Vault guide.

Warframe may have arrived in 2013, but the game is constantly shifting. The free-to-play third-person shooter sees players take on the role of Tenno, wearing various Warframes to tear through enemy factions with guns and melee weapons alike.

Those Warframes can be crafted through harvesting materials (or paying money), and while each is incredibly capable in its own way, Prime Warframes are even stronger versions. These are available for a limited period, rotating in and out of a “Prime Vault”, so you’ll want to snap them up when you have the chance.

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Here’s how to get your hands on Prime Warframes, and which ones are currently available, with our Warframe Prime Vault guide.


Official Warframe artworkDigital Extremes
Which Prime Warframe will you work towards?

What is a Prime Warframe?

According to the official Warframe site, “a Prime Warframe, weapon, Sentinel or accessory represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era”.

What that means in gameplay terms is that there are usually additional Polarity Slots for mods, so you can further customize the class with more-focused ones.

There are also Prime weapons, which usually offer increased performance. Not every Warframe has a Prime variant, at least yet, but Digital Extremes does tend to add a few each year.

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How to get a Prime Warframe

While you can spend Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency, to buy Prime frames, they are available to earn in-game, too. Buying them in the Prime Access store usually bundles in cosmetics and other exclusive goodies like resource boosters and helps support Digital Extremes.

Still, if you don’t want to open your wallet, you can craft your own Prime Warframe.

The main currency here is called Void Relics, which can drop in a variety of activities (traditionally at the end). There are also occasional bounties that offer an increased (or even guaranteed) chance at a relic drop. Once you’ve got a Void Relic, you’ll need to complete a Void Fissure to unlock it.

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  • Relics are tied to missions, but you’ll see the potential outcomes before you jump in so you can decide if it’s worth the effort or not.
  • Within Void Fissures, you can collect Void Traces from certain enemies that will allow players to focus the Void Relic on higher rarity gear.
  • Once you have the main blueprint, plus those for the Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems, you’ll be able to craft the Warframe on your ship at the Foundry.
  • Build the parts (this will take 12 hours per build), and then construct the Warframe (a three-day build).

Current unvaulted Prime Warframes

The current unvaulted Primes are as follows (as of March 28, 2022):

Banshee Prime

Warframe Banshee Prime key artDigital Extremes
Banshee Prime wields sound as a weapon.

Banshee Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 8.

Stats Banshee Prime Banshee
Armor 125 100
Energy 175/262 150/225
Sprint Speed 1.15 1.1
Mod Polarities Madurai x 2, Naramon Madurai x 2

Garuda Prime

Garuda Prime key art for WarframeDigital Extremes
Garuda Prime is a spikier version of its predecessor.

Garuda Prime arrived on March 28 and marks a new Prime Warframe.

Stats Garuda Prime Garuda
Armor 400 300
Energy 160/360 120/270
Sprint Speed 1 1
Mod Polarities Naramon, Vazarin, Madurai Naramon, Vazarin

Mirage Prime

Warframe Mirage Prime key artDigital Extremes
Mirage is a stealthy customer.

Mirage Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 8.

Stats Mirage Prime Mirage
Armor 175 100
Energy 110/330 80/240
Sprint Speed 1.2 1.2
Mod Polarities Vazarin x 2, Naramon, Madurai Vazarin, Madurai

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the Warframe Prime Vault.

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