VTuber Usada Pekora’s hilarious GTA 5 crime spree goes disastrously wrong

. 9 months ago
GTA Usada Pekora
Rockstar Games, YouTube: Usada Pekora

Every GTA player has experienced the might of the police’s maximum star rating, and what a thrill it is. VTuber Usada Pekora found themselves fleeing for freedom with hilarious results. 

Rockstar Games genre-defining series has spawned some of gaming’s most iconic moments. From riding to Grove Street to flying the infamous Dodo, there is so much to unpack. Adding a hyperactive intensity to the game, the maximum star rating system has pitted players against waves against tough enemies with often hilarious results.

VTuber Usada Pekora is no different, as their encounter with Los Santos’s finest didn’t exactly go to plan.

VTuber Jump King Victory 26 Hours Streaming Usada Pekora
Twitter: usadapekora / Nexile
Usada Pekora is one of YouTube’s most popular VTubers.

Pekora fought the law and the law won

There are so many tactics when it comes to losing Rockstar’s toughest A.I foes. Sure, you could use a classic cheat code, but where is the thrill of the chase? Pekora decided that good old-fashioned deception could do the trick on this occasion.

Unfortunately, the authorities weren’t falling for any tricks. Finding themselves trapped within one of Los Santo’s many train passages, Pekora hoped the cops might pass them by.

Yet, the city itself had a surprise in-store for Pekora, as a massive freight train ripped into Pekora’s military truck.

Pekora’s screams of hilarious terror are sure to echo throughout the Los Santos skies for some time.

The VTuber will be able to keep the shenanigans going in March 2022 too, when Rockstar debuts their next-gen iteration of the eight-year-old open-world goliath. 

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