VRChat responds to backlash after anti-cheat changes

Philip Trahan
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VRChat has officially responded to the massive amount of backlash from fans following the announcement of ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’ implementation.

The development team behind VRChat recently came under fire from fans after the team announced the 2022.2.2 update would add Easy Anti-Cheat, or EAC, to the platform.

As a result, fans immediately began review bombing VRChat on Steam and voiced their frustrations that the update would prohibit all mods on the platform going forward.

Now, the VRChat team has responded to the backlash, but it seems that EAC will stay on the platform moving forward, with fans split on the response.

VRChat responds to anti-cheat backlash

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VRChat fans are claiming the ban on mods is harmful to the disabled community who use them to play the game comfortably.

The response came directly from VRChat’s official blog, where the team typed up a lengthy post titled “Addressing your Feedback.”

The post said that the team had been “gathering up all of [the] feedback across every channel” to implement “changes and improvements” after the initial Security Update blog post released on July 25, 2022.

According to the update, the team is working to implement a variety of quality of life and accessibility changes directly to VRChat to avoid players having to install mods to play the game comfortably.

The team is planning to implement features like horizon adjustment, custom mic sensitivity, movable menus, personal mirrors, haptics on touch, and more in the future.

The reason for these changes seems to be due to the initial fan backlash spurred by the Security Update.

Despite its reputation for strange interactions, VRChat does have a strong sense of community among its playerbase.

For those who may have missed VRChat’s initial blog post on July 25, 2022, the team announced in a security update that EAC would come to VRChat, which would disable all modified clients.

This caused swift fan backlash, as the community claimed many mods used for VRChat are not malicious in nature, with examples used for disabled gamers installing mods to help them play the game comfortably.

The whole situation has caused a split in VRChat’s community, with countless posts on the VRChat subreddit taking both sides off the issue.

With the VRChat development team essentially confirming EAC will remain on the platform, it remains to be seen how exactly the community will respond to both the integration of more accessibility features and the restriction of mods going forward.