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Valorant will finally let players use custom controls for each agent

Published: 13/Nov/2021 20:49

by Bill Cooney


Valorant players could be able to set different controls for each agent soon after a new leak for the highly-requested feature.

Unlike Overwatch, Valorant has never had the option to set custom controls for each agent. The keybinds stay the same no matter which character you’re playing.

Based on a new leak though this could all be changing after months of player requests for such a feature. 

Custom Agent Valorant keybinds leaked

Like we mentioned above, in Overwatch you can change hero controls individually. So, if you want a different button layout for D.Va than you have for Zenyatta, you just have to go and change it for that hero.


That’s not an option in Valorant, yet. If you want to use different controls for different agents, you have to manually go in and tweak your keybinds each time you switch.

But that could all be changing soon, based on a new leak about “Agent Profiles” from @ValorLeaks on Twitter. Just like Overwatch, “Agent Profiles” might finally let us have a different button layout for each agent.

This would be a massive quality of life update whenever if it ends up happening since you won’t have to go into the menus to manually change things around for each agent anymore.


When will Agent Profiles be added to Valorant?

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Riot Games
Agent Profiles are a feature Valorant players have been requesting almost since release.

Riot hasn’t mentioned this new feature in any way officially, so it remains to be seen exactly when it will actually end up happening. There might be a few more patches following the start of Episode 3 Act 3 on Nov 2 though, so it could happen before Episode 4 starts.

When is Valorant Episode 4 set to begin? Based on how long previous Acts have lasted it’s looking like Episode 4 could get going in Valorant come January, 2022. So, we could see Agent profiles arrive then, or even sooner.