Valorant players discover “CSGO” easter egg in new Black Market butterfly knife

Valorant Black Market melee with marble fade variantFlexinja

Valorant fans are shocked after finding an easter egg with the new butterfly knife that copies CSGO knives.

Being a free-to-play title it’s no wonder Riot puts so much focus into in-game cosmetics, which drives a ton of revenue for the devs.

Since Valorant’s release, we’ve seen hundreds of cosmetics, and the Black Market bundle is among the latest skins to be released on April 12.

Many have shown distaste towards the new bundle, accusing the skins of being a straight copy of weapons from CSGO. To add to the fire, an easter egg has been found that gives the knives a striking resemblance to rare knives in CSGO.

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Valorant players Black Market knife easter egg

Content creator Flexinja was one of the first to notice the easter egg, with the Valorant YouTuber noting the melee’s variety of variants that take more inspiration from Counter-Strike — looking similar to the Fade and Blue Gem chromas.

“Apparently Riot added an easter egg to the new Black Market butterfly knife where the blade can become Fade, Blue Gem, or Tigertooth colored, similar to CS,” he wrote. “Not sure how to do the easter egg, but it seems like a missed opportunity to add these as buyable variants.”

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According to notable dataminer ValorLeaks, the new Black Market knife does have a random chance to become a Fade or Sapphire variant — although it’ll only stick around for one round.

However, it seems like the variant is quite rare to find in-game, with odds of it appearing being extremely low. While some players have claimed to find the variants in as little as 50 rounds, it’s taken others hundreds.

“Took me about 600 rounds to get the blue gem,” said one player. “It stays for the whole half, if you switch sides like in overtime it goes away.”

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Some haven’t been lucky at all, and are still yet to find the variants, leading them to believe the whole thing is actually a joke. “I don’t know if this is a joke or not, I was 600 rounds in and didn’t get anything,” one wrote.

It certainly seems to be a rare occurrence to stumble across the variants, so think yourself lucky if you managed to see it for yourself in-game.

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