Valorant fans propose genius Chamber nerf to finally balance overpowered Agent

Chamber standing adjusting tieRiot Games

Valorant fans have suggested a genius Chamber nerf that will finally balance the overpowered Sentinel.

One agent has dominated the game since its release. Of course, we’re talking about Chamber, the French Sentinel that has been at the top and tearing up the meta since the end of Episode 3.

While the Riot devs have tried numerous changes across various patches to try to balance Chamber, he remains to be one of the most popular Agents in the game.

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With a high pick rate of 47%, according to stat tracker site Valorbuff, it’s clear that changes are needed, and fans have suggested a few nerfs that they think will finally balance him.

Valorant fans suggest ultimate Chamber nerf

As a solution to balance him once and for all, Valoant player ‘iTCHYTRIGGERZ’ suggested that the devs introduce a 1.5-2 second cooldown on the activation of Rendezvous ability immediately after firing a droppable weapon inside the anchor radius.

“The combination of Chamber’s abilities allow for far too much safety for how much control the agent can exert,” the player said in a detailed Reddit thread.

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“The big design ‘problem’ for Riot to consider is that Chamber’s design is very closely related to his gadgets and their functionality. Simply taking away Chamber’s teleport would destroy the basis of his design.

“No matter what purchasable/droppable weapon Chamber is holding an angle with, he should be forced to stay engaged in any gunfight if he chooses to use that weapon.”

Also, giving him a bit of a boost, it was proposed that there should be a decrease from 0.3 to .10 or .15 seconds in the Headhunter ability equip time.

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“By making the equip time faster, would also lend well to emphasizing the player’s ability to use Chamber’s special weaponry,” the player noted.

The suggested changes got a ton of support from the community, with many fans agreeing that’d like to see the changes implemented. “First time in a while I’ve seen someone suggest an actual good change on Reddit. Good job, mate,” one fan said.

“As a chamber main, I like these nerf ideas, some of the best I’ve seen,” said another.

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It’s no secret that Riot is looking to make further changes to Chamber. Though it’s likely, we’ll be waiting a bit longer before we see any, as the devs need to take their time to get him balanced.

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