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Valheim update 0.145.6 patch notes: Forest Crypt fixes, save system tweaks, more

Published: 17/Feb/2021 13:22

by James Busby


The latest update for Valheim has just dropped, bringing with it a host of new bugfixes and quality of life improvements. 

Valheim continues to prove incredibly popular as players from around the world flock to its procedurally generated biomes. Not only does this brutally hard game offer the usual base building and crafting, but it also features numerous bosses and enemies that aim to make your Viking adventure far from smooth. Just like every early access game, Valheim is constantly receiving a steady stream of content updates. 

The latest 0.145.6 patch may be small, but it has helped to iron out a few of the game’s kinks. There are fixes for the forest crypt, dedicated server CPU usage, and changes to the save system. Hopefully, this update will make Valehim more of a smoother experience, so make sure you download the patch and check out the notes below. 


Valheim 0.145.6 patch notes

Valheim patch
Iron Gate AB
The latest Valheim patch is aimed at fixing the game’s current issues.

While the Valheim patch notes may be relatively small, they have helped to fix a lot of areas that proved to be rather frustrating. Perhaps the biggest fix is to the game’s broken world handling, which exits instead of loading up an empty world. 

There’s also the addition of a dedicated server CPU usage fix that should help clear up any nasty FPS drops. You can see the full list of Valheim patch notes below.

  • Disable google analytics
  • Updated Unity engine
  • Forest crypt fixes
  • Credits updated
  • Save system returned to old-new
  • Pickables sync fix (stones,carrots etc)
  • Dedicated server CPU usage fix (Framerate limiter)
  • Hearth smoke building fix
  • Save system tweaks
  • Console “save” function can be used remotely if player is added to admin list
  • Autosave every 20min (instead of 30min)
  • Manual join IP function (dedicated servers only)
  • Extra tombstone checks ( to prevent them from disappearing )
  • Better broken world handling ( crash/exit instead of loading an empty world )
  • Localization fixes

So, there you have it, a list of the changes in the Valheim 0.145.6 update. For more Valheim news and guides, be sure to check out our hub.