US court slaps Roblox troll with $150k fine for making terrorist threats

Bill Cooney

An infamous Roblox troll has not only been permanently banned from the popular online game, but also slapped with a $150,000 fine by a US court for making “threats of terrorist activity.”

It’s one thing to get banned from a game by a publisher, but Roblox troll Benjamin Simon, AKA Ruben Sim, is now barred from playing by US courts.

In November 2021, Roblox sued Simon, who’s also a content creator for the game, for terrorizing the platform and its developers, along with a likeminded “cybermob.”

Not only is Simon permanently banned from Roblox – he’s also been ordered to pay $150,000 to the publisher, as well.

Roblox troll ordered to pay $150,000

ruben sim announces roblox lawsuit settledYouTuber Ruben Sim announced the lawsuit with Roblox was settled on January 16.

Documents posted by Arstechnica from the US District court of Northern California indicate Roblox’s complaint was settled on January 14, 2022.

The court’s judgement “permanently restrains the Defendant (Simon)” from “Making, publishing, or re-publishing false threats of terrorist activity relating to Roblox; Knowingly making false statements of fact about Roblox; Glamorizing or encouraging violence against Roblox, its employees, or facilities;” and more.

Simon is also barred from “accessing the Roblox Platform other than those public portions of the Roblox website that do not require an account to access,” and must stay 100 feet away from any Roblox office or facility, as well.

In the original suit from 2021, Roblox lawyers claimed Simon made “terrorist threats” that caused the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco in October to temporarily shut down.

According to a report from Polygon, the threats posted included one that read, “Don’t come to RDC (Roblox Developers Conference) tomorrow.”

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On Twitter, Simon acknowledged the ruling, and said he wouldn’t be accessing the platform anymore per the judgement. However, in his tweet on the matter, he said he hadn’t paid Roblox any money.

Roblox has yet to comment on the situation, but it seems this decision will finally get rid of one of the publisher’s biggest headaches for good.