UltraGear’s Gear Up Game On 24-hour marathon saw massive streamers at the top of their game

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During UltraGear’s 24-hour Gear Up Game On stream, three of the biggest names in Fortnite’s competitive scene went head to head using top-of-the-line gear.

On July 22, streamers across YouTube and Twitch teamed up with LG to put on a 24-hour marathon full of gaming and challenges.

Each event hour featured a different content creator participating in a unique challenge or game. All of the streamers used new LG UltraGear monitors to show how having the best gear can ensure a dub.

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timthetatman ultragear stream

The stream featured a variety of content from some of the biggest creators on the net. TimTheTatman played Warzone while giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card for every Gulag win, and Lachlan took his viewers on a Fortnite World Tour. BoxBox streamed an unboxing and setup of their monitor, Fextralife showed off the monitor’s functionality, and Symfuhny participated in a quiz regarding his hardware.

Tech creators such as The Tech Chap, Shortcircuit, and Spawnpoint discussed the monitors, and each creator involved gave honest reviews of the monitors that were provided.

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The main event took place during the last two hours of the stream. It was a 1v1v1 battle between three of the biggest names in Competitive Fortnite: Clix, Mongraal, and BenjyFishy.

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Clix, Mongraal, & BenjyFishy monitor specs

Competitors ditched their old monitors to use some of LG’s best gear for gaming. While they were all using different monitors, their bout’s results proved that any UltraGear peripherals are fit for highly competitive gamers.

Here are the monitors that each of the Fortnite pros competed on:

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Evenly matched across all screens

With a combined total of 50k viewers watching the three compete in build battles; Clix, Mongraal, and Benjy put on a show. The event featured four rounds, each pro player facing off in Fortnite build battles.

In round one, Clix and Benjy kicked off the competition with Clix immediately blaming lag for his lack of performance.

“I am on 100 ping! It’s not fair!” shouted Clix after dying to Benjy. But his opponent had been away from Fortnite for two months, while Clix has consistently played the battle royale.

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In round two Clix would face Mongraal, with the first to three kills winning. Clix would take round two sending Mongraal to face BenjyFishy in round three. Benjy would come out on top leading to a rematch between Benjy and Clix for Round 4.

Having argued his point about bad ping, the two agreed to switch from EU servers to NAE. And it seems that was the edge Clix needed to shut down his opponent and come out victorious.

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While the three were initially going to compete to see who could win three 1v1 rounds, the trio decided to jump into a squads match, racking up 32 kills and easily securing the dub.

fortnite ultra gear victory royale

Each player streamed their own perspective while the UltraGear Twitch channel streamed all three. Through the matches, commentary was provided by esports host and caster Katie Bedford.

LG posted a compilation showcasing the best moments from the 24-hour stream. This features each creator’s experience as well as an explanation of the products used and the glowing reviews from those involved.

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For more tech content or to keep up with the latest LG gear, give their Twitter and Instagram a follow. This won’t be the last time they put on such a fun and star-studded show.

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